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Video Statements

Ren, English Student

Ren talks about what UZH could do to create a safer environment for trans people.

Aldo, PHD-Candidate Paleontology

PhD candidate Aldo shares how international cooperation benefits his research at UZH.

Thomas Gächter, Dean Faculty of Law

For Thomas Gächter it is of utmost important that people at the university meet as equals and with an open mind.

Gabriele Siegert, Vice President Teaching

Gabriele Siegert talks about why we should always treat others with respect and fairness at UZH.

Seraina, Philosophy Student

Seraina would like to see more discussions about inequalities in academia as part of the curriculum.

Daniele, Disability Office

Daniele talks about the importance of barrier-free access to the university!

Philipp Theisohn, Professor for Modern German Literature

Professor Theisohn is of the opinion that in science, only the arguments themselves should count!

Gabriel, PhD Student

Gabriel appreciates the international environment and the helpful atmosphere at UZH.

Anne, Communications Student

Anne, an international student from Luxembourg, talks about what has made her feel welcome during her time in Zurich.

Antony, Film Studies Student

Antony appreciates the open mentality at UZH and feels welcome.

Brigitte Tag, President Committee RSB
Sina Staudinger, Managing Director Committee RSB

The committee of the Regulations on Protection against Sexual Harassment at the University of Zurich (RSB) help to ensure that a positive climate for studying, working, teaching and researching exists at the University of Zurich – free from sexual harassment and sexist behavior.

Luca, English Student

Luca appreciates the exchange with other queer students at UZH, but would like to see more representation of minorities – including in leadership positions!

Ramona, Central IT

For Ramona, equality at university is important because everyone should have the same opportunities!

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Statements of UZH Members

Video statements from various UZH members will soon be published on this website.