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The Values We Live By


At the University of Zurich, we show respect and tolerance towards each other and treat everyone equally, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, skin color, origin, physical abilities, religion, sexual orientation, social and professional status or language. These are the values to which we – students, lecturers, professors, scientific, technical and administrative staff and guests alike – are committed.

We believe in living a culture of diversity and tolerance.

UZH members treat each other with consideration, respect and openness.

We observe a communication style that reflects diversity and inclusion.

UZH members communicate openly and compassionately at all levels, avoiding gendered language and stereotyping in word or image.

We respect everyone’s dignity and integrity.

Sexual harassment, sexist and condescending behavior towards others of any gender and sexual orientation is a violation of their dignity and will not be tolerated.

We promote diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

The University supports measures to systematically remove barriers for people with disabilities.

We are committed to equal opportunities and gender equality.

All UZH members participate equally and without discrimination in the everyday life of the University, whether performing academic study, research or day-to-day operations.

We strive for high levels of co-responsibility.

Leaders and managers are aware of their responsibilities and role-model effect, and represent the values of UZH internally and externally.

We resolve conflict respectfully, objectively and purposefully.

Wherever larger numbers of people study, research and work together, conflict can arise. We resolve disputes respectfully, objectively and purposefully among ourselves or, if necessary, call upon a leader or manager and/or an advisory service.


Nonetheless, if any of these principles should be violated, we don’t ignore the incident but ensure that it’s duly addressed. A full range of advisory services is available at UZH for all UZH members. Advisory Services


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