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Get Information and Clarify Issues Early


The University of Zurich is actively committed to promoting diversity and avoiding discrimination. If non-tolerable behavior nevertheless occurs, you, valued UZH members, should address it by initiating a direct conversation as early as possible.

We inform ourselves and clarify the situation at an early stage.

By being quick to examine and clarify situations of suspected or perceived discrimination – or conflict in general – we can preserve good working relationships and avoid any possible escalation. Take responsibility for yourself and don’t wait too long, so that that the situation can be professionally investigated and any necessary measures taken.

Information and support (with confidentiality and data protection duly respected) can be obtained from our internal contact points and advisory centers. These services are available for affected parties and also those who have witnessed inappropriate behavior (e.g. harassment or suspected discrimination). Anyone wishing to find out how to prevent inappropriate behavior can also contact the relevant Advisory Services.

We address the situation even if it doesn’t affect us personally.

If you witness inappropriate behavior in your work environment, you can do something. Offer your support to the person concerned and encourage them to speak up. Advise them to talk to the other party and/or contact the appropriate contact point or advisory center.