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Advisory Services for Leaders, Managers and Teaching Staff

Hinschauen. Ansprechen. Handeln!

Leaders and managers, including professors and teaching staff with leadership responsibilities, are required to mediate in the event of conflict in their teams, or to take appropriate action when receiving reports of inappropriate behavior in working relationships. The advisory centers will provide assistance in dealing with such situations.

The important thing is to address the situation as early as possible.


We, the HR experts at UZH, can support you as a leader and manager on several levels: HR representatives in the faculties and central services units are your first points of contact when friction arises at the workplace.

For issues that extend beyond your organizational unit and for any potentially larger problems in working relationships, you can contact HR Business Partners at the Human Resources Department. We will address your problem in a one-to-one consultation, propose ways of finding a solution and initiate measures if necessary.

The HR Development team at the Human Resources Department provides skills-training and support to UZH employees, leaders and managers (including professors) in development and leadership matters and helps promote organizational and cultural development at UZH.

HR representative in your organizational unit: UZH Directory (person with green symbol)
HR Business Partners, Human Resources Department: HR Business Partners
Personnel and leadership development, Human Resources Department: HR Development

Professorships Department

We are the point of contact for professors at the University of Zurich with any concerns.
Professorships Department

Employee Assistance Office (MBS)

We provide advice to employees at all levels in the event of psychological and/or legal problems or stressful work-related situations, and develop problem-solving approaches in dialogue with those affected.
Employee Assistance Office (MBS)

Gender Equality and Diversity

We promote equal opportunities and provide advice on protection against discrimination and sexual harassment, gender identity and sexual orientation (LGBTIQ) issues, and combining studies with family life.
Gender Equality and Diversity

Commission for Protection Against Sexual Harassment (RSB)

We act on behalf of UZH members affected by sexual harassment. Please contact the RSB commission’s investigating person, contact persons or administrative head for a confidential discussion.
Protection Against Sexual Harassment

Studies and Disability

We promote the interests of students and employees with a visual, hearing or mobility impairment or disability. Chronic physical or mental illness can also make studying and working challenging.
Disability Office

Responding to Threats

In threat management, we create documentation and training sessions for cases involving threats, physical attacks, stalking, suicidal thoughts, conspicuous behavior or violent fantasies.
Responding to Threats


Other General Services

Fit for All

At health@uzh, we aim to boost the health of UZH employees with advice on working conditions, keeping healthy, and combining family and career.

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