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External Advisory Services

Besides internal services, UZH members can also take advantage of external services offered by the federal government, the canton or the city of Zurich.

Sexual harassment: Canton of Zurich

Discriminatory behavior such as sexual harassment at the workplace is punishable by law. Here you’ll find information on forms of sexual harassment, prevention measures and what to do if an incident occurs.
Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment and sexism: City of Zurich

What can be done to prevent sexual harassment and sexism at the workplace:
Harassment at the Workplace
Harassment in the Public Sphere


Sexual harassment at the workplace is illegal. Don’t hesitate to defend yourself – or contact us for support.

Bullying: Switzerland

Leave no room for bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination.
Bullying Switzerland

Racism: ZüRAS in Zurich

Do you feel unfairly treated, discriminated against or threatened on the basis of your origin, skin color or religion?

LGBTIQ helpline

Lesbian, bi, gay, trans, non-binary or intersex? We’re here for all your questions – free of charge and confidential.

Du bist du

Du-bist-du (you are you) promotes the mental and physical health of young LGBT+ people through peer counseling, knowledge sharing and workshops for professionals.
Du bist du

Living with disability: Canton of Zurich

Services and information for people with disabilities about their rights, support facilities and related surveys.
Living with Disability

Inclusion Handicap

Inclusion Handicap represents the interests of around 1.7 million people with disabilities in Switzerland.
Inclusion Handicap

Avanti donne

Avanti donne is a network set up by – and for – women and girls living with disability.

Victim Counseling Zurich

Something has happened in your life that that you’re neither able nor willing to deal with alone. You’ve become the victim of a crime.
Victim Counseling Zurich

Victim Support Switzerland

We provide support that is free, confidential and anonymous – all over Switzerland.
Victim Support Switzerland

BIF Counseling Center for Women

Counseling center for women to prevent violence in marriage and partnerships.

Women’s Counseling

Women’s counseling to prevent sexual violence in the canton of Zurich
Women’s Counseling

Men’s Counseling and Information

Mannebüro züri is a counseling and information center for men.
Mannebüro züri

Ombudsperson: Canton of Zurich

As an independent mediator elected by the cantonal council, the ombudsperson helps people facing problems with cantonal authorities or administrative offices. The ombudsperson examines the concerns raised, intervenes when conflict arises, and supports the parties involved in finding a fair solution.

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